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Straw Lid

BottleWorx Straw Lid

-High flow straw lid, perfect for any cold drinks!

Introducing the BottleWorx Straw Lid!

This lid is quickly gaining a lot of traction, especially for kids! Now adults, don't let that discourage you from getting one of your own. This simply just tells us how easy and convenient this lid is to drink out of. The food grade silicone is comfortable to drink from, and each lid comes with two removable straws. While most straw-type lids out there are very hard to clean, we have simplified that with our version. With a very durable handle, this lid is likely going to be one of your favourites!

Works on BottleWorx 21oz, 40oz, and 64oz models. (The packaging has cut lines to alter the size of the 2 straws that are included)
BottleWorx Straw Lid can NOT be used with the Tea/Fruit Infuser.