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Hot Lids

BottleWorx Hot Lid

-The perfect solution for your favourite hot beverages!

The BottleWorx Hot Lid is one of our newest additions to the BottleWorx Family, and we're very proud of it!

Our new Hot Lid will offer you convenience with just the quick flip of the drinking tab. With a reduced flow rate, you're not at risk of gulping down a huge sip of something really hot, which makes drinking your hot drinks more safe! As with all BottleWorx lids, we also strive to keep them very easy to clean. With no real nooks and crannies, hidden springs, or trap doors, your Hot Lid will be very easy to clean, which will keep your favourite drinks tasting the way they should!

Works on BottleWorx 21oz, 40oz, and 64oz models.
BottleWorx Hot Lid can be used with the Tea/Fruit Infuser!