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Insulated Loop Lid

BottleWorx Insulated Loop Lid

-Our best performing lid, in terms of keeping drinks hot or cold!

The BottleWorx Insulated Loop Lid has a special place in our hearts.

This is our original lid, which doesn't offer the most convenience, but still surves a few very important purposes! While you cannot drink directly out of this lid, it's going to keep your drinks hot or cold for quite a while longer than our other lids, which are more focused on convenience. If you use your BottleWorx products for any carbonated drinks, this will also be your best option, if you're looking to keep your beverage carbonated for as long as possible. 

Works on BottleWorx 21oz, 40oz, and 64oz models.
BottleWorx Insulated Loop Lid can be used with the Tea/Fruit Infuser!